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BioBizz Coco-Mix Fertiliser (50L)

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Although BioBizz are better known for their soil range, Coco-Mix is their 100% organic, OMRI listed, coco coir grow medium.

Coco coir is actually a bi-product of the retail coconut industry, it’s also a leading medium in which plants thrive, and the BioBizz Coco-Mix is no exception. In order for the coco-coir to become useable for growing plants, the robust fibres must be allowed to decompose over a period of time so they soften, these fibres are then cleaned with clear water and shredded so they can be used as a substrate for growing your favourite plants, fruits and flowers.

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  • 100% organic, OMRI listed coco coir substrate
  • Coco fibres allowed to decompose, then cleaned and shredded
  • Can be used with growers usual A&B nutrient range & supplements
  • Coco-coir is a proven growth substrate that allows plants to thrive


Coco•Mix™ works well plugged into pots as a rock wool replacement for growing all kinds of hydroponic crops – simply fill small pots with plugs of Coco•Mix™. It’s compatible with all types of nutrients and can be used to refresh All•Mix™ or other soil mixtures and with your usual A+B range to improve aeration. Combine it with Biobizz® products such Root•Juice™, Bio•Bloom™, Top•Max™ and Bio•Heaven™ and look forward to boosting the quality and yield of your plants.



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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 25 cm


Heat Power

2KW, 3KW


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