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LumenLite 600W HPS Cool Tube – Full Light Kit

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  • Ideal for anyone who’s just starting
  • Includes the latest grow light technology
  • Improves fruit, flower  & veg production
  • Can be used in grow tents and grow rooms


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The Perfect Grow Light Kit For Beginner Growers!

The Magnetic Dual Spectrum Grow Light Kit is ideal for anyone who’s just starting out as they are easy to use, low priced and reliable.

Elite 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Grow Light Bulb

New on the market, the Elite Dual Spectrum Grow Light Bulb is made from the latest pieces of technology, meaning they are more efficient than most other grow light bulbs. Each bulb has the ability to emit both the blue and red spectrum of light making them perfect for the vegetative stage of plant growth, as well as the flowering stage. Furthermore, each bulb has a lifespan of over 30,000 hours meaning that it can be used for multiple grows.

Lumenlite 600w Magnetic Ballast

A Magnetic Ballast contains a core made out of steel plates wrapped in a copper wire coil. This helps create a magnetic field which regulates the electrical current with the sensitive light bulbs. Because of this, it’ll receive a lower intensity output, meaning that light bulbs have a longer lifespan. In addition, another benefit of using a Magnetic Ballast is that they don’t produce a radio interference. This is useful if you are using a wireless nutrient monitoring system.

The Grow Light Cool Tube Reflector

The Grow light Cool Tube reflector is a great addition to your grow room environment, it helps remove excess heat to ensure that your plants can thrive in the best environment possible

  • includes an E40 fitting
  • A fully air-tight and sealed glass tube with lamp mounting bracket
  • Perfect for removing excess heat generated by HID grow lights
  • A very effective unit which removes up to 80% of heat from your grow room/tent

What is the Grow Light Cool Tube Reflector used for?

These light units which remove excess heat within small grow rooms and tents. This unit removes up to 80% of heat from your grow room generated by HID grow lights. All without the harm of leaking any unpleasant odours. Your extraction system simply pulls the air over the lamp to one side of the tube. This then efficiently removes all hot air.

Furthermore, this air-tight unit will help to give a much better spread of light over your entire grow room. The supplied air duct ensures that air passes through both ends of the reflector for maximum inline air cooling and protect your plants from excessive heat. Similarly, they have twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors, perfect for maximising your plant’s growth rates.

Where can you use the Grow Light Cool Tube Reflector?

You can mount the GrowLight Cool Tube Reflector both vertically and horizontally. They are a great addition to grow rooms and tents for growers looking to remove excess heat from their HPS and MH lights. Therefore, when connected to your ducting and extractor fan, you’ll get instant results.

 How Do You use the Grow Light Cool Tube Reflector?  

To use these simply start by using rope ratchets and the reflector hangers to suspend the Cool Tube from your designated location. Then you’ll need to insert the bulb of your choice into the socket and attach you ducting to both sides of the reflector. Make sure that you connect this alongside an inline fan to push and pull air through the Cool Tube. Finally, connect the unit into a mains power supply and test it is working.

However, it is highly important that you avoid contact with any liquid to the electrical components of this lighting system, otherwise, you can damage this unit. Likewise, this reflector unit should be air cooled during operation, if not this could result in the glass cracking.


  • Energy Efficient – When compared to magnetic ballasts, the Elite ballast offers a better energy efficiency rate.
  • Cool Running Temperature – Each ballast includes the latest heat dispersion technology that reduces heat build-up and the potential of heat damage occurring.
  • Soft Start Technology – Reduces the stress on a grow light bulbs by gradually increasing the current output when first turned on. This is also an advantage for growers who have multiple ballasts as it allows the ballasts to turn on at the same time without risking damage to circuit boards or timers.
  • Silent Running – Works virtually silent, meaning you can use it discreetly in your grow room and doesn’t draw unwanted attention.
  • Built-In Hanging Bracket – The built-in hanging bracket allows you to place the ballast either on the floor or on a wall to save space.
  • Warranty – Comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 65 × 60 × 20 cm

Lumen Lite

Heat Power

2KW, 3KW


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