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6 way or 8 way timer boxes

Timers & Contractors with Heater Socket (6 way, 8 way)

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  • Professional 24 hour and 48-hour segment timer – intervals of 15 minutes
  • Features a wall hanging bracket
  • Housed in a heavy-duty and robust case
  • Available in a variety of sizes with the largest size able to control up to 8 600w lights

When growing your plants indoors it is important that you ensure you provide a safe and reliable hydroponics environment. These handy Timer Boxes ensure that you are able to switch your HPS/HID grow lights on and off at regular intervals.

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What are the Timer Boxes used for?

All indoor gardeners should use lighting contactors to control the indoor grow light systems in order to provide a highly safe and reliable environment. These Timer Boxes by-pass the electrical load away from the built-in timer to allow for efficient control of the amount of time your grow room lights are on and off for.

Furthermore, they feature a professional 24 hours, 48 segment timer featuring 15-minute intervals. Likewise, the wall hanging brackets allows you to easily hang this unit on walls.  They also feature professional grasslin timers to ensure that your light cycle will always be on time. Normal, domestic timer units cannot withstand high electrical conductive loads required to ignite the HID lighting. Plugging HID lighting directly into a domestic timer unit will cause the timer to fail, leading to electrical hazards.

What are the Timer Boxes With Heater Socket Used For?

These fantastic Timer Boxes with Heater Sockets allow growers to have greater control over there grow rooms lighting environment. Likewise, they also help to improve the efficiency of the ventilation within the room. Due to the Timer Box Pro’s ability to control a grow room heating system, users, therefore, have far more control over the temperature within their grow room.

Furthermore, they also allow for multiple units to be operated safely, including a timer to allow for a reliable lighting schedule. Making it easier to automatically turn on your heater when lights are turned off.


Where can you use these Timer Boxes With Heater Socket?

They have the ability to power a variety of electrical grow room equipment easily and efficiently. For example, they can power up to 6 lights up to a combined 1000 watts. Each plug has it’s own built-in switch too. Therefore ensuring that your system powers on and off safely. This guarantees that all lights are switched on and off at exactly the same time.

How to use this:

To use these Timer Boxes simply plug your contactor in, set the timer and leave the timer box to do the rest of the work.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 65 × 60 × 20 cm

2 Way, 4 Way, 6 Way, 8 Way




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